hoots|one - total control

Combine the technology of today with the spirit of bygone times.

an individual system for your individual car

combine the system with individual sensors and functions - for each car if you want.

  • Engine and component wearout

    detection at an early stage

  • GPS geolocation

    in case of theft and damage

  • Real-time analysis

    of engine data

  • Data archiving

    for a lifetime

hoots|one products

choose your sensorset, thread and wirelength for each car

hoots|one LIVE - the bluetooth-connection with your classic car

  • hoots|one LIVE - the connection to your classic car via bluetooth

    hoots|one main-system - bluetooth only

  • Sensors

    3 Sensors included - choose: RPM | 2in1 oilpressure/oiltemperature | surface-temperature | coolant-temperature | GPS-antenna | more sensore coming soon....

  • Bundle price

    999,00€ incl. 19% VAT.

  • Upgrades

    hoots|online - update your LIVE system with online-datastorage and antitheft-functionality


  • Livedata and long-term cloud saving

    Livedata via bluetooth to your smartphone and additional cloud-saving in the hoots|cloud - protection of data privacy guaranteed

  • anti-theft warning

    hoots|one wakes up if somebody move your car and send you messages to mobile device

  • included sensors

    choose 4 sensors - RPM | 2in1 oilpressure/oiltemperature | surfacetemperature | coolant-temperature | GPS-antenna | further sensors coming soon...

  • price

    1399,00€ incl. VAT

Sensors and adapters

  • Sensor selection

    Oil pressure and temperature, component temperature, coolant temperatrue, RPM, electric values, acceleration as well as other engine and vehicle data.

  • GPS surveillance/tracking

    Fast and reliable vehicle location at any time from any location using an optional GPS module.

  • Installation

    We individually design and manufacture high quality adapters for your vehicle - installation is a child's play and easily retrofittable.

  • price inkl. 19% VAT

    199,00€ ea. | set of 3: 499,00€ | set of 4: 599,00€

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