We love your
classic car

Which is why we developed a mobile diagnostic and alarm system. For your convenience and safety of your vintage car.

Classic meets modern

Combine the technology of today with the Zeitgeist of bygone times.

Suspicion meets certainty

Detect wearout and damage to your classic at an early stage and prevent consequential damage.

  • Engine and component wearout

    detection at an early stage

  • GPS geolocation

    in case of theft and damage

  • Real-time analysis

    of engine data

  • Data archiving

    for a lifetime

Your vehicle remains a classic

The hoots | one system is characterized by its simple installation and easy handling – and all this without drilling or glue. Simply install your hoots|one in your vehicle using a magnet or fastening tape, connect the sensors and be amazed by the automatic setup of the system.

Function meets Design

Timeless design and high quality material combined with modern electronics.

hoots | one

  • Sensors

    Simultaneous connection for more than 50 sensors.

  • Data storage

    Data collection of recent trips

  • Battery

    Supplies the system during standstill for up to nine months.

  • Installation

    A child’s play and for any type of vehicle – can be retrofitted if required.

hoots | GPS

  • Activation

    Easy and straightforward activation – at the touch of a button

  • Warning

    Automatic email alert and phone call in case of misusage.

  • Vehicle tracking

    Display of vehicle location on an integrated world map

Sensors and Adapters

  • Sensor selection

    Oil pressure and temperature, component temperature, RPM, electric values, acceleration as well as other engine and vehicle data.

  • GPS surveillance/tracking

    Fast and reliable vehicle location at any time from any location using an optional GPS module.

  • Installation

    We individually design and manufacture high quality adapters for your vehicle - installation is a child's play and easily retrofittable.

All the details

Meet us

at the Bremen Classic Motorshow from 01. to 03. February 2019.

  • Where?

    Bremen Classic Motorshow

  • When?

    01. to 02. February 2019

  • What?

    Try our hoots | one live from 01. to 02. February 2019! We look forward to your visit and are always ready with answers to your questions about our system.

Made by enthusiasts – for enthusiasts

Vintage/classic engines are our passion, technical know-how is our strong suit.